Hi, I’m Arfa!

I’m not your typical marketer.

I don’t believe in short-term tactics or trends…

I’m not a ‘guru’, celebrity or famous by any stretch of the imagination…

And I definitely do NOT believe you’re just ‘one funnel away’…

Instead, I focus on strategy and robust business growth.

I’m often found behind the scenes as the architect of some of the best-performing campaigns for the most respected brands and names in the industry…

In fact, when the existing systems in a business are underperforming, I’ll often work with the internal marketing team to dramatically improve their ROI.

I’m also the bestselling author of Mind-Hack™Marketing: How to Turn Customer Psychology Into Breakthrough Sales.

I do all that weird mind-hacking stuff that makes my clients a lot of money. Oh and I also write copy!

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9 Figures In Sales & Counting…

Clients come to me when they need to maximise the lifetime value of their customers, skyrocket their sales and create kick-ass campaigns that convert like crazy!

Classically trained in direct response, my superpower is in crafting unique customer journeys and pre-selling mastery – skills which hinge heavily on being able to understand how customers think.

Since I started in 2010, I’ve sold everything you can think of from supplements and weight-loss products, herbal coffee to honey, information products, matrimonial services, coaching services, masterminds, and everything else in between. 

From low-ticket subscriptions to super high-ticket, I’ve sold it all and added multiple zeros to the end of my client’s bank accounts. 

Yes. You could say I’ve made my clients a lot of money. 

With over 9 figures in sales under my belt, my clients often have me on speed dial when they need a boost in sales!

I’ve personally coached and trained digital marketers and marketing agencies in my Mind-Hack™Marketing methodology so they too can help their clients prosper and grow.

Outside of work, I’m a mother of two beautiful teens and an avid reader. I LOVE the outdoors and can often be found walking in the local park – sometimes for hours!

I also have 5 belts in Chinese Kickboxing!

Here’s just a small handful of clients I’ve worked with: